The fast, trusted way to monitor and improve your sustainability performance

From environmental management to employee well-being and corporate governance, zoom in and out of all your sustainability topics and instantly identify the most appropriate next steps to become a sustainability champion in your industry.

Collaborative Platform

_Get it all gathered for you

Apiday simplifies your sustainability data collection process and unlocks seamless collaboration to free up headspace for you. So you can spend more time driving change in your company rather than fetching and crunching data.

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Interactive Reporting Dashboard

_Understand and manage your ESG data

Create beautiful charts to figure out the best path forward, and export them with all your stakeholders to showcase your sustainability achievements.

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ESG Action Plans

_Drive change and exceed your impact goals

Follow a custom action plan generated by the Apiday platform to improve your maturity on key sustainability topics and make your firm more appealing to current and prospective investors.

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Why sustainability reporting matters

As early as 2024, the CSRD will come into force in Europe. This means that all companies of 250 employees or more will be prompted to produce an annual sustainability reporting. To do so, companies will need to collect and analyze dozens of documents to calculate the various indicators listed in this new regulation. Apiday’s sustainabiliy reporting tool will help you reduce the time spend fetching and crunching data by over 80%

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See what else Apiday can do

_Obtain any ESG certification in record time

Easily collect necessary documents, let our experts pre-answer questions for you and complete your custom improvement plan.

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_Answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your data and answer questions for you. So you can sit back, and focus on your business while keeping your investors happy.

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_Get a 360° view of your sustainability ecosystem

Centralize sustainability data from all relevant stakeholders in a single system of record. Gain instant visibility on how every partner or supplier performs and drive change where it matters.

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