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Obtaining sought after sustainability certifications such as B Corp or EcoVadis can prove challenging.
With over 3,000 questions from key ESG certifications referenced in its database, Apiday’s platform tells you exactly which company documents are needed to prepare your application. Once uploaded, they will be analyzed by ESG experts who will pre-answer all questions for you.

B Corp

B Corp is the most sought after sustainability certification of for-profit companies. It demonstrates that a company meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on various social and environmental factors.
Companies must answer about 140 questions and show evidence of their sustainability achievements.

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EcoVadis is the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings. EcoVadis assessments typically cover a broad range of topics covered include Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts.
For that reason, completing an EcoVadis is known to be a complex and time-consuming process.

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Smart Questionnaire Platform

_Step 1 : Focus on what matters

Apiday decreases your burden across the entire certification journey by fast tracking the completion of your ESG questionnaire. Apiday’s AI tells you which documents contain the information needed to answer the questionnaire, and once uploaded the relevant data is automatically extracted from your company files.

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ESG Policy Templates

_Step 2 : Build robust ESG compliance

Missing some of the ESG company policies mentioned in the questionnaire? Apiday identifies any blindspots in your ESG compliance toolkit and gives you access to a library of 50+ templates that can be customized by answering a few simple questions. It’s that fast and that easy.

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Tailored Impact Improvement Plan

_Step 3: Improve your impact

Apiday helps you achieve the best possible score in your certification process by generating a custom action plan to improve your company’s environmental and social impact on all material sustainability topics. So you can focus your efforts where it matters.

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_Answer ESG requests in a flash

Apiday’s AI and ESG experts gather your data and answer questions for you. So you can sit back, and focus on your business while keeping your investors happy.

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_Get on top of sustainability reporting

Gather all your sustainability data in one place, identify the best path forward and build a future-proof business.

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_Get a 360° view of your sustainability ecosystem

Centralize sustainability data from all relevant stakeholders in a single system of record. Gain instant visibility on how every partner or supplier performs and drive change where it matters.

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